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With the recommended priorities and initiatives, the Global SOF Foundation aims to highlight the importance to U.S. Congressional leadership of U.S. and partner nation SOF as among the most capable and affordable instruments in safeguarding our security.

REad the 2023 SOF Imperatives Document

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Don’t miss the 2023 SOF Imperatives Document!

Read about the topics and issues that were the focus of discussions at the Forum–ranging from strategic to readiness to military transition from Active Duty to civilian careers.

The Global SOF Foundation uses feedback from the SOF community to develop these topics annually.


We had a packed agenda featuring the Vice Commander of USSOCOM, the four Co-Chairs of the House SOF Caucus, leaders from the HASC, and two Eastern European Chiefs of Defense. Click below to view the entire program.

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Thank you to our 2023 SOF Imperatives Sponsors

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