Slow progress in building a daycare center for 7th Special Forces Group


Photo credit Photo by Samuel King Jr.

 By Jack Murphy

August 2, 2022, 12:50 pm

In May 2022, Connecting Vets reported on how the 7th Special Forces Group stationed at Eglin Air Force base was struggling to have a child day care center built. The effort was held up by bureaucratic red tape. Now, the House and Senate are getting involved to break through the gridlock.

A 7th Group spouse explained to Connecting Vets that the issue is that the daycare center at Eglin is on the main post area of the base, while the 7th Group is in a very remote area. Most 7th Group families live in Crestview which means it takes an hour to drive to the daycare center on Eglin, then an hour back to work for a total of four hours on the road each day. Additionally, getting a child into the daycare center on Eglin is nearly impossible with years-long wait lists.

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